Shaedes of Gray: A Shaede Assassin Novel

Shaedes of Gray - Amanda Bonilla 3.5 Stars

Well, well. Thanks to my recent trip to Authors After Dark, I've a whole new batch of authors to check out. I had previously marked this title to be read and I'm finally getting around to it.

What I liked: Shaedes of Gray is a unique entry into the Urban Fantasy genre. At least to me, it is. Ms Bonilla has a whole new world of "Others" as the star of this series. Darian's character grabs you from the very beginning and doesn't let go. As with any first in a series, the groundwork must be laid and the characters introduced. It was done very well. Tyler is just the perfect foil for Darian. There is just enough left unsaid throughout the novel to keep you reading.

What I didn't like: The beginning is slow. It took a bit to get into the story. There were other places within Shaedes of Gray where the pacing drug a bit. The big confrontation between Darian and Azriel was over rather quickly (in my opinion).

Overall a good solid, intriguing first in a series. Take your time and don't give up in the beginning, you'll be glad you stayed around.

3,5 Stars