Storm Front (A Virgil Flowers Novel)

Storm Front - John Sandford One of my favorites starring That Fu*king Flowers.

What I liked: The humor was front and center in Storm Front but the story was intriguing enough to keep me reading. Mr. Sandford seemed to give Virgil more life than in previous works. Virgil is at the top of his game with his insights and sneakiness in solving the Solomon Stone case. I loved all the by play and the mystery in Storm Front. I especially loved every instance Virgil poked at Davenport. I'm wondering if we'll see more of Ma or if Virgil will move on again. The ending was a big surprise.

What I didn't like: Yeah, well I'm thinking here. There were some nuances that went over my head and I had to re-read them a few times. They were almost too subtle. Had to scramble for that one and it wasn't the writer's problem but mine.

The last couple of the Virgil Flowers novels have not been what I expected. Storm Front more than makes up for the previous offerings. Virgil is in rare form and the mystery and tension is great.

The hard cover price is reasonable, I guess, at $16.77 but the Kindle version is a bit steep at $11.99. If you're not a fanatic or a collector, borrow it from the library or a friend.