First Bite (The Dark Wolf Series)

First Bite - Dani Harper About a 3.5

Extremely quick, entertaining read.

What I liked: For a first in a series, First Bite was a solid beginning. The Changeling world is bit different from other were-books. The explanations provided by Ms Harper concerning Changelings was well plotted and thought out. The story stays on track and doesn't jump all over the place. I felt connected with the main character, "Neva" and could identify with her problems. I loved to hate the bad guy, Meredith. She was just so amorally written. The story in First Bite had an ending but leads to a good opening in the next book.

What I didn't like: I had a hard time connecting with the hero, Travis. I actually liked some of the secondary characters more. Not sure what the author could have changed to make him more appealing to me. She checked all the typical hero boxes but he just didn't engage me.

As I said, overall, a good beginning to a new series. I've never read anything by Ms Harper before and now might go back and try some of her other books.

The cost could be a factor for some. The paper back is priced at $7.77 and the Kindle version at $3.99. At 287 pages, the price seems a bit high.