Trail of Dead (Scarlett Bernard)

Trail of Dead - Melissa F. Olson I keep finding these little gems and Trail of Dead is another one. I read the first in the series, Dead Spots, and while it had a few rough places, Trail of Dead is much better. I still feel it's extremely difficult for the first book in a series to be one in a million but it can be good enough to hook you for the next.

What I liked: The beginning picks up not too long after the previous book. Trail of Dead is a more complete novel. Ms Olson is adding to the characters backgrounds, the world building and the character development. I'm enjoying the mix of characters and their different personalities. There's a very good blend of the supernatural but represented in a somewhat different way. The back stories of some of the characters were downright fascinating for me. Even though the story is told through Scarlett's and Jesse's viewpoint, I was captivated by many of the other characters. None of them were ho-hum. You either loved them or hated them.

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