Grave Danger

Grave Danger - Rachel  Grant I could not put this book down. It hooks you very tightly!!

What I liked: This is a fantastic romantic suspense. As a matter of fact, it reminds me somewhat of Linda Howard's works. Not quite as intricate yet but Ms Grant has the tools. Grave Danger is a complete novel, It's well written, pacing is great, and the character's development is right on point. I had absolutely no idea who the bad guy was. Well, I thought I did. Color me surprised. The attraction/tension between Libby and Mark was just hot. The other characters were well developed and not just faces in the background. The setting and storyline around the treatment of Indians felt true and believable.

What I didn't like: Not a thing!

I've already purchased the other novels I could find by Ms Grant and can't wait to dig in.

I received my copy from NetGalley. Not having read this author before, I would have been hesitant to pay $3.99 for the Kindle version but now can recommend it wholeheartedly. The print version is a bit steep at $9.88 as it published by Amazon Services.

Highly recommend!!