Scorched - Book Four - The Surrender Series

Scorched - Melody Anne A satisfying ending to a good series. Scorched was not my favorite of the books in the Surrender Series by Melody Anne but everything needed to be tied up.

What I liked: I was finally starting to warm up to Rafe. I liked all the characters in the books but Rafe and Ari will always be my favorites. I got to see them each grow especially Rafe. All the women are strong willed and smart. The writing is top notch and the story moves along.

What I didn't like: I started reading this series because of Rafe and Ari and Scorched just had too many stories within stories going on. I found myself skimming parts and I really hate that. Scorched just didn't hold my interest like the first three in the series. If you've read the other three, you need this one for closure but the story didn't grab me.

The prices are average for a four book series. Kindle: $3.99 and paper back at $8.99