Concrete Evidence

Concrete Evidence - Rachel  Grant 3.5 Stars

Having read Grave Danger by Ms Grant, I was compelled to buy another novel by her. Fantastic romantic suspense author!!

What I liked: There is suspense throughout Concrete Evidence that never lets up. Just when you think everything has been revealed, something else pops up. I enjoy Ms Grant's writing style and the way she puts the story together. The problem is trying to find good stopping points in the story. A good suspense will get the reader all wound up with your mind going a mile a minute. Concrete Evidence did that to me and I had to stop well before bed time so I could get some sleep. The dynamics between Erica and Lee are great and there's a bit of humor thrown in too. I hope at some point Ms Grant will do a story about a couple of the secondary characters, but maybe not, as the tension just added to the overall story.

What I didn't like: After reading Grave Danger, I couldn't in all honesty give Concrete Evidence the highest rating but there really was nothing about the book that I didn't like.

Ms Grant is going on my "must read" list and I can't wait for a new book. I only have one more on my Kindle to read. Sad!!

The Kindle version is well worth the $3.99 price. I realize when Amazon Digital Services is the distributor, the price for the paperback is higher but I'm not the type to pay the $9.82 for a paper back unless I collect the author's works. The Kindle edition was fine for me. However, if you don't have an e-reader and enjoy romantic suspense, get the paperback.

Highly recommend!!