Clean Sweep

Clean Sweep -  Ilona Andrews I counted myself extremely lucky to get an ARC of Clean Sweep. Jumping up and down excited was more like it.

Clean Sweep started as a serial on the Ilona Andrews blog. I'm not a great one for reading serials. I want the whole thing at once so I skipped reading it on the blog. I know, I know. I love the Andrews' books. All of them but I'm selfish. What else can I say.

What I liked: Not only was Clean Sweep a serial on the blog but the authors, Ilona and Gordon Andrews, wanted and got plenty of fan participation. I can't even imagine the creativity of this dynamic duo. Just imagine, once the installment was posted, there was no going back. No editing to fix the storyline.

I loved all the characters and how they developed. It was a bit short but who cares; it was a complete, complex, entertaining, unusual story. Extremely well written and imaginative. A completely different take on the "other" races.

These authors are extremely generous in sharing so many freebies on their website. They take the time and trouble to show us they care that we're like reading their works.

What I didn't like: Nada

This will also be out in paperback, it's just not available as of this review. I'm going to grab a copy for my collection!!

Kindle price is well worth the $4.99 especially as I'll be re-reading it again and again.