Two's A Couple, Three's The Law ((MFM Paranormal Romance))

Two's A Couple, Three's The Law - Eve Langlais This was the first book I've had a chance to read by Ms Langlais. I've been missing out!!

What I liked: The first thing that struck me was the humor. I love to laugh while reading. Don't get me wrong, the humor isn't what the book is about but it added and enhanced the story. While I don't normally read about threesomes, Two's a Couple, Three's the Law, isn't in actually a threesome. It's the whole premise in a way. Erotic romance isn't my first choice for reading material but there actually is a well developed storyline and mystery involved. I enjoyed the interactions between all the main characters. Certainly Chloe is the center and she is a well defined lead but Anthony and Peter more than hold their own against Chloe's objections.

What I didn't like: There were several questions I had that weren't answered but since Two's a Couple, Three's the Law seems to be the first in a series, I'll wait to see how those questions play into later books.

Overall, another author I was missing out on. Oh to be able to read all day, every day.

The prices for the book are pretty reasonable. The Kindle version is $3.99 and for a self pub, the paperback is one of the least expensive I've seen at $9.76