Hostage (A Bishop/SCU Novel)

Hostage - Kay Hooper 3.5 Stars

Number 14 in the series which also has 3 spin off series. Ms Hooper can write some of the best suspense/thrillers I've ever read. Even with the 14th book, the series stays new and intriguing.

What I liked: The characters! and there are a lot of them. Some characters make repeated appearances in her novels but she is always adding more which adds to the possible storylines. Hostage has kept me entertained for the last couple of days and kept me awake. I don't like to read Ms Hooper's books all in one sitting because they are intricate and I need to process the information. I really like the two storylines running side by side. If you've read any of Ms Hooper's other novels in this series, you know, somewhere along the way, the stories will connect. The fun and suspense is finding out where and how! You can also count on an original plot with each new entry in the series.

Hostage really made me think. I was very glad to see Hollis front and center in this novel. She is one of my favorites. I also enjoyed seeing the Haven operatives working with the SCU agents. Very well written, of course, and living in Tennessee, I know the descriptions were spot on.

What I didn't like: It can be frustrating for the reader to keep up with all the twists and turns with no seeming resolution in sight but that's the fun of Ms Hooper's novels. Much of what appears random information turns into clues. The suspense leading up to the resolution was great but then fizzle. It was just done. That was disappointing to me as a reader.

I always look forward to any release by Ms Hooper.

The hardcover price is very reasonable at $16.17 but I still feel the Kindle edition is high at $8.54. The paperback isn't available yet.

Highly recommend!! but start at the beginning of the series for deeper enjoyment and understanding.