Shadowed (Legend of the Ir'Indicti #2) - Connie Suttle Shadowed begins approximately a year after the first of the series, Bumble ended. Ashe and his best friend, Sali, are the typical teenagers. They are planning different ways they can finagle a cell phone from their parents. Been there, done that myself. Ashe does find out there are others similar to him when a group of teenagers and their families are relocated to Cloud Chief to keep them safe.
This is a hard review to write as I could inadvertently spoil the book for those who haven’t read it yet. Reading Shadowed was extremely relaxing for me. The only thing I can think is Ms Suttle’s Blood Destiny Series moves so fast with so many characters, action and plot lines, that Ashe is easier on my nerves. Having said that, there is no lack of plot, characters or action but the pacing is different. More mature readers will enjoy all the nuances of the teen and parents miscues. It was funny really, being a parent myself, I wanted to shake Ashe’s parents a couple of times. That’s just how Ashe sucks you in. I should be rooting for the parents but I wasn’t!! Even without his special powers, Ashe is a young man I wouldn’t mind having for a son.

You can read the Legend of the Ir’Indicti Series by itself or to make it more enjoyable, you should also read the Blood Destiny Series. Several of the characters appear in both works (just a teaser, there is a surprise visitor to Ashe, you won’t want to miss). It allows you to see more depth and find out more background of the characters.

Oh yeah, the ending is going to blow your mind.