A Lost Witch (A Modern Witch, #7)

A Lost Witch (A Modern Witch, #7) - Debora Geary 4.50 Stars

Another heart wrenching addition to the Modern Witch Series by Debora Geary. I always read a Debora Geary book with Kleenex close by and I always use them. A Lost Witch is no exception but the crying started at the very beginning.

What I liked: Ms Geary's books have a lot of characters that appear and reappear through each of her books so far. The characters have become my friends. Yeah, I know they're fictional but they've drawn me in. They are all so very human. Most of the time I forget they are not real people.

Every single book I've read by Ms Geary has struck a chord with me. It's impossible to read one of her books and not feel something. Her books are about every day life, problems, sadness and most of all overcoming.

What I didn't like: Uh, nothing.

I'm not going easy here just because I like all her books. Some, I liked more than others but they are all entertaining and exquisite reads. I dare you to read one of her books and walk away without feeling a tug in the region of your heart. You should start at the very beginning of the series with A Modern Witch.