Lost (Winged, #3) - L.M. Pruitt I read this book over 5 months ago and am still having trouble putting my thoughts into words. This 3rd installment in the Winged Series by L. M. Pruitt was a gut wrenching read for me. It was dark, thought provoking and hit me between the eyes.

What I liked: I know this is a fictional story in my head but some of the scenes were all too real. Joanne's "dry out" was stomach roiling and seemed all to real. How Ms Pruitt got to "that place" and wrote about it is an excellent show of true talent. You may not like everything about this series but just those scenes will stick with you for a lifetime. The overall story is action packed, well written and the characters fully developed. I DID NOT want this story to end!

What I didn't like: Not much. The main problem I have with the series overall is something very subjective and nit picky. These books are dark but I wish the covers were not. As I said, very subjective. Just looking at the covers, I wouldn't even read the synopsis. The blurb in a previous L. M. Pruitt novel caught me. I think she's representing the darkness of the Winged world with her covers but I'm just guessing. When the only thing that doesn't impress you about a novel is the cover, I think the author did her job more than well.

Highly recommend the Winged Series!

4 1/2 Stars