A Deadly Justice (LAPD Detective Maddie Divine)

A Deadly Justice - Kathy Bennett An enjoyable mystery. Pleasantly surprised and entertained.

What I liked: All the different points of view made A Deadly Justice much more interesting than just one would have made. There are a lot of characters although I didn't feel the story was completely character driven except maybe from Maddie's view of things. There are several cases happening at once which definitely held my attention. From the beginning you know the culprits of one of the crimes but the serial rape case and murder case unfold throughout the book.

What I didn't like: While a solid read, I didn't feel the depth of the book. It's not a read till you drop type of book and there are plenty of spaces to take a break.

Overall, I enjoyed the book for what it was, a mystery/thriller type. If there are more in the series, I would probably pick one up just to check in on a few of the characters. It won't be on my "must read" list and I don't think it's the type I would re-read.

The is an e-book only and I felt reasonably priced at $2.99