The Tunnel

The Tunnel - S D Tooley This series has captured me from the beginning. The Tunnel was a wild ride.

What I liked: The mystery and the surprising protagonist. I never saw it coming which is a major requirement for me and a mystery/thriller. The development of The Tunnel with outstanding writing keep me up until the book was finished. I just had to know. The true caring between the characters was just an added dimension. Ms Tooley keeps the series fresh. The Tunnel is number 7 in the Sam Casey mystery series and I've not been disappointed in any of her novels.

I felt like this novel was more character driven but there is action. Nemo practically steals the novel. I hope he's included in future books.

What I didn't like: I've always liked the mystical involvement in this series. Sam is part Indian and has an affinity for the dead. Her mother, Abby, also has some "intuition". It was mostly missing in The Tunnel. I can understand this somewhat as Sam and Abby were both emotionally involved and couldn't "see" what they needed to get some answers.

This could be read as a stand alone but as I've said before, why would you want to do that when the series is just so darn good.

The Kindle price is reasonable at $4.99 but the paperback is a hefty $15.26

Highly recommend!