The Braque Connection: A Genevieve Lenard Novel

The Braque Connection - Estelle Ryan The latest installment in the Genevieve Lenard Series, The Braque Connection, focuses on the relationships that have changed "Jenny"'s life.

What I liked: The relationships take front and center! I enjoyed the mystery part of the book but it was secondary to me. We learn a lot and I mean A LOT about all the characters in this series. The opening scared me somewhat. I guess that means it was a great opening. Ms Ryan takes the time in The Braque Connection to more fully develop all the characters and introduces a few new ones. It was fascinating to me to see the changes in Jenny over the course of the three books. She has new depth and is not being completely rational as she usually is. Horror of horror to her, she cares. She has feelings. The camaraderie between the crew just keeps growing. I especially like the way Ms Ryan handles the relationship between Jenny and Colin. We get to see more of both sides.

What I didn't like: The mystery part of the story was very convoluted. It almost didn't seem to make sense. Maybe it was just too deep for me. There were leaps from one theory to the next that didn't connect with me.

While the mystery part of the book didn't resonate with me, the relationships part more than made up for it. I no longer think of Jenny as a Temperance Brennan wannabe.

Can't wait for the next in the series!!

The Kindle version of The Braque Connection is reasonably priced at $5.99 and like most published using Amazon, the paperback version is steep at $13.84