Broken Blade (Colbana Files #3)

Broken Blade - J.C. Daniels It feels like forever since we left Kit in a very bad place, emotionally and physically. Thank goodness for Net Galley. You must read this series in order to enjoy and understand it.

What I liked: The journey Kit has to take to find an even plane is heart wrenching. I just wanted to cry and cry for her. The characters were given more depth and their histories were fleshed out. It was nice to feel more intimately connected to each and everyone. Kit's way of dealing with the scars from the previous book were unique and well thought out and developed.

I really enjoyed Ms Daniels' way of writing Broken Blade. It is basically two stories in one. Read it and you'll see what I mean.

What I didn't like: I found it hard to deal with all that Kit was going through and some might find it off putting but really, there was no other way to tell Kit's story and tell it well.

I have no idea when the next in the series will release but I'm waiting anxiously. I've still not had a chance to read any of Ms Daniel's work under her other name of Shiloh Walker. If they are written and developed half as well as the Colbana Files, I know I'm missing out.

If you've read the others in the series, you won't mind the $4.99 Kindle price tag. This is an e-book only.

Highly Recommend!!