Review: The Society (Society #1) by Lilith Saintcrow

The Society  - Lilith Saintcrow

I'm pretty sure I read The Society when it was first released but that means I wouldn't have it as an e-book and probably passed it on for a friend to read when I reduced my book collection. I'm very glad I got the chance to re-read The Society.

What I liked: Ms Saintcrow can and does come up with some pretty intriquing storylines. She just happeded to hit all my buttons with The Society. Psychics!!! I love stories about psychics; I've read just about every book I could find featuring psychics.

Ms Saintcrow has also switched up the good and bad guys. You would think or at least like to think that our government is the "good" guys and some random group is the "bad" guys. Not in this story. The government agency (Sigma) is doing everything it can to gather anyone with special psychic abilities and using them as weapons. They are hooked on a drug and brainwashed and used for whatever purpose the government deems.

The Society is a smaller group bent on stopping the government. They identify and rescue as many psychics as they can. The heroine, Rowan, is rescued just before Sigma gets its hands on her but they've badly miscalculated Rowan's power and need for revenge. Teaching and protecting Rowan is "Del" (Delgado) and he has no intention of letting Sigma get a hold on a woman who is fast becoming necessary to him and his life.

This isn't instant love but more of a growing attraction. It seemed Del connected more with Rowan than she did with him. She needed him to teach her and encourage her to use what she always thought of as freaky skills. 

What I didn't like: I felt like I wanted more background on how the two groups ended up at war with each other or what kind of missions the psychics were sent on for the government. Does the Society have a mandate other than fighting Sigma and rescuing other psychics?? I also wanted some description of where the story was taking place. In the desert, in a city, what? I had no reference and the movement of the groups didn't include any particular place.

Over all I was very pleased with The Society and the story telling of Ms Saintcrow. I even felt the cliffhanger was necessary. I sincerely hope the next in the series, Hunter, Healer will answer all my questions.