Dolly's Thoughts on Pure Blooded (Jessica McClain #5) by Amanda Carlson

Pure Blooded - Amanda  Carlson

Jessica never has a spare moment to just think anything through. She's too busy trying to stay alive!!

What I liked: When reading a book in this series, I take a deep breath and dive in. The problem then is trying to find another spot to take a breath or put the book down. I'm totally addicted to the Jessica McClain series

Ms Carlson has built these characters, mainly Jessica, and developed a world in which I love to get lost. Pure Blooded is another roller coaster ride for Jessica and her crew. It seems they go from one disaster to another and it's never just regular in-fighting between species. All the problems/disasters circle around Jessica and the meaning of her being who she is.

I enjoyed that more of the characters had a bigger part to play than in the last book. Marcy, a witch and friend, totally kicks butt with her spells. Also, Jessica is caught in the middle of two Hags; one wants to destroy her as she thinks Jessica represents the end of the supernaturals and the other, Juanita, is trying to help Jessica, as she believes Jessica will end up saving all the different races. Poor Jessica, she doesn't know what's what with her talents and who is a friend or a foe. A few new characters are introduced and I'm anxious to see how they play into the story. I especially feel I'm going to enjoy Jessica's new "secretary". 

I know I'm not saying very much about the plot of Pure Blooded and the reason is I focus on the characters and the development of the overall story line. I've not figured out exactly what Jessica is and what she's supposed to do to save the world. It keeps me thinking!

What I didn't like: The Jessica McClain series is one of my favorites because for me, it's pure escapism. I get lost in all the unlikely situations, the characters and what's coming next. I would like to see Jessica and Rourke have more time together as a couple and not fighting for their lives. I know some of my friends don't feel the same way I do but there are books for everyone and their tastes and expectations are different. 

I would normally say I got more than my money's worth in Pure Blooded. Alas, I can't and won't! (Beware...rant coming)

I know Ms Carlson is not responsible for the pricing on her books. That's between her publisher and Amazon. Luckily, I can afford my book habit but I am beginning to cringe at the pricing. I even went and got a library card!! Pure Blooded is the first time I've paid full price for a book in this series. I'm getting to the point in my life that I'm counting the pennies I spend on books. I can get the earlier Kindle editions of J. D. Robb's books for less than publishers/Amazon are charging for today's newest releases. There is only $2.50 between the Kindle and paperback editions of Pure Blooded. I'm still in the process of downsizing my collection of physical books and don't want to feel like the only way to get my money's worth is buying a paperback. Dang, it just doesn't make sense to me.

I guess my point is...if you can easily afford it, buy Pure Blooded, if money is a problem; try borrowing it or getting it at the library.

Love this series! Highly Recommended!!!!