Early Review: Killing Secrets (Nan Vining Mysteries #5) by Dianne Emley

Killing Secrets: A Nan Vining Mystery - Dianne Emley

I read the first 3 books in this series ages ago and enjoyed them immensely. I was surprised to find Killing Secrets on NetGalley. When you've not read a book by a particular author in a while but remember their name and most of the characters, you know you've found a good author to read.

What I liked: First, let me say that I somehow missed book 4, Love Kills but I didn't feel I missed anything by reading Killing Secrets first. (I will go back and read it though). 

I like the main character, Nan Vining. She's a cop but not the top of the chain and she has no mysterious crime fighting ability. She's a single Mom, with a somewhat rebellious teenage daughter, Emily, and she's in a good stable relationship. You know, like an everyday person. 

This is listed as a mystery and the plot follows the murder/suicide of a teacher and student. To me, personally, the blurb sound more exciting than the book. I don't mean that in a bad way but to me, the relationships between the characters was more meaningful and important; most especially the relationship between Nan and her daughter.

Ms Emley, didn't leave you a trail of bread crumbs either. I didn't figure out the bad guy until right before the end. It was not obvious and there were several red herrings with a lot of misdirection. 

What I didn't like: I felt the first third of Killing Secrets moved somewhat slowly. The author was setting up multiple plot lines and characters. Once I was past the first third, the book moved much more quickly and held my attention until I lost track of time.

If you like a good mystery/thriller, this series is for you. It has strong, independent characters with interesting back stories. I hope the next in the series isn't 5 years down the road!!

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