Review: Shadowed Threads (Rylee Adamson #4) by Shannon Mayer

Shadowed Threads - Shannon Mayer

Have you ever started a series and then just read one book after the other because you're so captivated? This is the Rylee Adamson series to me!!

What I liked: To me, Shadowed Threads is all about choices and the ones Rylee has to make. Her feelings are telling her one thing and her "allies" are telling her another. Which will she choose and what will be the consequences? 

Shadowed Threads had me on the edge the whole book. Just when I thought Rylee was going to catch a break, well, she doesn't. I'm practically exhausted for Rylee. The pace never slows and she's going from one case, er, disaster, to the next. 

I am glad Rylee has met another Tracker, Jack, and am wondering how he is going to work with Rylee on her powers. At the moment, he's stalling. Then there are the secondary characters. Of course Alex is my favorite but Evie and Pam are unique also. Faris, I'm not sure about as you can just feel he has a hidden agenda. The more I read about Doran (a daywalker vamp), the more I want to know. And now we add Blaz, a dragon, and he's paired with Rylee...there's a reason there. And of course, there's the twisted best friend, Milly. 

Rylee has to decide whether to go after Liam, whose wolf is currently in charge or save her sister, Berget. So many choices and so little time. If that's not enough a guardian is trying to kill her and guardians don't stop!!

I really enjoyed getting a POV from Liam. It added to the story and gave some insight into his character and how his Wolf was coping.

What I didn't like: I would really like it if Ms Mayer gave Rylee a week or so of rest with no calamities sneaking up on her. 

I'm entranced by this series. I take a breath and dive end. Occasionally, I come up for air or to make dinner or some other mundane chore, but while I'm reading one of Ms Mayer's Rylee Adamson's books, I can't think of anything but finishing it.

Highly Recommended, but again, you must start with the first book, Priceless and don't give up!!