Review: Breakwater (The Elemental Series #2) by Shannon Mayer

Breakwater (The Elemental Series Book 2) - Shannon Mayer

Another Shannon Mayer series that has just grabbed me and sucked me in again! I'm so glad there doesn't appear to be a large wait between books!!

What I liked: The characters and the Elementals' politics is mind blowing. One moment up and then crisis after crisis is happening not just in Larkspur's world but with the other Elemental worlds too. It's hard to figure out just who are allies and who is the enemy.

At first I was a bit unclear what was going on with Larkspur's father, the King, but Ms Mayer weaves the storyline very well. It's a bit convoluted but it makes so many more possibilities for the author to use in the further development. 

In Breakwater, Larkspur and her half-sister, Belladonna, are sent on a mission to "The Deep" Yep, underwater Elementals. Just think of all the possibilities of controlling the water and everything in it, to a point. Belladonna is being sent as the new ambassador to the Deep as the previous one appears to be missing. Larkspur is sent as Belladonna's bodyguard. 

The treachery begins as soon as the sisters arrive. Someone is trying to kill them. Here is where part of the twists and turns begin. The acting King of the Deep, Requiem, is just plain evil with no redeeming qualities. He is not the heir but has taken control and no one seems to be able to reach the rightful heir, Finley.

The action is fast and furious, the enemy is known and unknown and Requiem is up to more than taking control of the Deep. Out of nowhere, Ash, Larkspur's fellow Ender and mentor arrives to help, or is he there for another reason. Maybe, their father doesn't want Larkspur and Bella returning from the Deep at all. Who to trust, or is there anyone at all to trust is the better question.

I really liked the hint of romance at the end!!

What I didn't like: It's not so much what I didn't like but a gentle warning to prospective readers. There are a lot of characters to keep track of and whether they are allies or enemies can depend on the time of day. It's complicated! 

Another series from Ms Mayer that will go on my auto-buy list.

Highly Recommended but read the first book, Recurve, prior to this one!!!!!