Review: He Kills Me, He Kills Me Not (The Deadly Games Series #1) by Lena Diaz

He Kills Me, He Kills Me Not - Lena Diaz

I love a good romantic suspense and although I had never read a book by Ms Diaz, the third book in this series was a Kindle deal and the synopsis caught my attention. I wasn't sure if they interconnected so I took a chance and was very glad I did.

What I liked: The two main characters, Amanda *Mandy" Stockton and Chief of Police Logan Richards are written very well. Neither of them are perfect and they both feel guilty about something in their past. Logan thinks a mistake he made is the reason Mandy had to suffer through a brutal attack and Mandy thinks because she ran, her friend died. Big guilt trips going on.

I enjoyed the way Ms Diaz did not hit you over the head with the clues sprinkled through the story. I had a general idea of the murderer but it wasn't obvious in any way.

Although Mandy thinks herself a coward, her character is very strong and resilient. She's more than a bit self conscious about her looks but those who care for her quickly get past that. Her interactions with Logan are precious and double edged. His guilt over "maybe" letting a killer go drives him in all ways. He's definitely an alpha male but there are some deep feelings running through him.

There are some surprising twists and turns with characters that I didn't expect. That more than kept me on my toes with the mystery aspect.

I can see some of the secondary characters getting their own stories and I can't wait to get started!!

What I didn't like: Sometimes men can be so very "holier than thou". Ms Diaz writes Logan extremely well and I could actually see a male acting as if he knows what is best for his love. But, dang, he's so stubborn.

Hint: Stubborn but very smart and knows how to make a grand gesture.