Review: Cruel Justice (Lorne Simpkins #1) by M.A. Comley

Cruel Justice  - M.A. Comley, Tania Tirraoro

Not exactly what I expected.

What I liked: The opening of Cruel Justice grabbed me right off. I had never read anything by Ms Comley and since Cruel Justice was a free read, I thought, why not. I will say the writing is good and the editing is excellent and Cruel Justice had it moments but then I completely was blown away by the selfishness of the main character, DI Lorne Simpkins. (more about that later)

The plot was well thought out and executed and some of the characters drew me into their lives but I actually found the bad guys to be a bit more understandable.

So I kept telling myself, this is the first in the series, be patient, it will come together towards the end. 

What I didn't like: Rant alert!! I absolutely could not believe in the main character and her life. I have no idea how many times I just wanted to smack the crap out of her. I couldn't find anything to connect with in her portrayal. Not only was she selfish but my gosh, she "had feelings" for so many men, I just....blah!!! 

Lorne's husband was almost as bad as she was. Being a house wife/husband isn't depicted in the correct light, in my opinion. Believe me, been there, done that. A stay at home parent is not in jail serving time. They don't have to just stay home all day especially when the child is at school. I get that DI Simpkins has some long hours as do most police people but, they have to sleep and take breaks. (Maybe it's handled differently in the U. K.)  

It seemed like every time I flipped a page, Lorne was flirting with someone or remembering a relationship she had with someone else. She didn't listen to her partner, DS Pete Childs at all. It almost appeared as if she looked down on him. Most partners development some kind of relationship but not in this case. Well, they did have a relationship but it was always to Pete's detriment. She was extremely unprofessional in just about every situation Ms Comley concocted for her.

You're not gonna believe this but I picked up the second and third in the series because it was a Kindle deal. I even read part of the second book, up until a bad guy kidnaps, terrorizes and abuses Lorne's daughter. I put it down and will not be continuing with the series.

No Recommendation!