Review: Virtue Falls (Virtue Falls #1) by Christina Dodd

Virtue Falls - Christina Dodd

If you're a Christina Dodd fan or like romantic suspense, check Virtue Falls out of your local library.

I'm reversing the order of my review with this one.

What I didn't like: I've read previous books by Ms Dodd back in my Historical Romance days and Virtue Falls' synopsis tickled my fancy to try one of her newer novels. I was sorely disappointed. About one third into the book, I actually thought, why did I buy this? Was it a Kindle deal? Was it free? Imagine my horror when I checked my order on Amazon and realized I paid $14.99 for this e-book!

I could not connect to the characters at all. The closest I came is appreciating how Ms Dodd portrayed and wrote the main character, Elizabeth. She felt like a cross between Spock (from Star Trek) and a hormonal teenager.  I liked the Spock part of her character.

The pacing seemed way minute fine and then bogged down. The story seemed to me, to go off on tangents and then back to the storyline. The characters for the most part to me, felt flat. Nothing that grabbed my interest. 

Why did I go on reading Virtue Falls, you ask? The $14.99 I paid for the book is the answer. I pay that much for a book and I'm going to read it, period.

What I liked: I did like the archaeology parts in the book. All the information dealing with earthquakes, tsunamis, and the dig appeared well researched and was presented in a logical and thought provoking way.

The writing and editing were good. I know Ms Dodd can write, as I stated, I've read other books written by her. Virtue Falls just didn't come together for me at all.

Recommend you borrow Virtue Falls from the library.