Review: COLD by Linda McDonald

COLD - Linda McDonald

Someone posted the cover and synopsis of Cold on a Facebook page that I follow. Loving books as I do, I checked it out. The synopsis sounded like something I would like, so I gave it a try. Am so glad I did!!

What I liked: Almost from the beginning I kind of figured out how the plot was going to go but that wasn't what kept me reading. The descriptions of what Shirley and Darrell go through trying to survive wouldn't let me put this book down. Cold is a suspense book but the characters are what make it very special.

Ms McDonald's way of describing and empowering her characters, and not just the main characters but all the characters, was beautifully executed. I felt like I was one of the characters in most cases. What she puts them through and how they deal with each situation had my stomach tied up in knots. 

Her secondary characters were handled with equal aplomb. They weren't just filler for the story. They were fleshed out with feelings, viewpoints and some even had aggravating tendencies to which I could wholly connect. I mean everyone has one or two friends that other friends find a chore to be around but Shirley trusts her friends even if others find them an annoyance. I especially enjoyed Shirley's brother and his partner, who are just basically down to earth ranchers with a deep connection not only to each other but to Shirley.

Ms McDonald's setting descriptions actually painted pictures in my mind's eye. I think most everyone knows Alaska is a pretty desolate but majestic place and the descriptions in Cold made me feel like I was seeing everything the characters were. 

There are some good twists and turns in the plot that caught me a bit off guard and were unique in the storyline. 

What I didn't like: The narration in Cold switches between third and first person several times and it took me a good while to get used to it. Several times, I had to re-read passages because of the switch up to make sure I was understanding everything correctly. So, that was a bit distracting.

At first I found it hard to believe that Shirley might be that gullible but being brought up and living how she did made it plausible to me.

Want a book to keep you on the edge of your seat, try Cold!!