Review: Nightfall (Chase Dagger #7) by Lee Driver

Nightfall - Lee Driver

Ms Driver's newest release in the Chase Dagger series reminded me how much I've enjoyed this series!!

What I liked: The mystical and science of two different characters forms quite a team. Dagger has been scientically enhanced in so many ways, he still doesn't know exactly what he can do and his love interest and co-star in the series, Sara, is a born shapeshifter. 

This series has built upon each book to add just a bit more to the mystery surrounding Dagger. In Nightfall, we learn a whole bunch more. The writing is top notch, the characters are interesting in a different sort of way and the mystery/suspense element keeps you on the edge of your seat and flipping pages!


It's a treat to see Dagger and Sara finally getting together and the relationship is very well done by Ms Driver. The love and sex aspect of the story does not overshadow the characters or the plot. I feel Nightfall is even more character driven than some of the previous books. It did take me a bit to remember just who was who as the books are published so far apart and Nightfall's plot is a sequel to book 2, Full Moon, Bloody Moon.  It took me a bit of skimming book 2 to remember everything that happened.

While Chase and Sara are the main characters, the secondary characters are just as well written. I love to hate Jennifer and boy, I still can't believe some of her actions in Nightfall.  I did miss the postman, Simon, popping in and offering Chase and Sara advice but his absence was for a good reason.  And Skizzy, the paranoid, everything's a conspiracy, friend is written very well. Everyone needs a Skizzy in their life. Just to get me riled up, Ms Driver, surprised me with the fate of one of the characters.

I also enjoyed learning more about "Mother" and her interactions with Chase and Sara. There were a few other surprises dealing with some of the characters too that I didn't see coming.

What I didn't like: After all the set up of the bad guy plot, it ended a bit too abruptly and easily for me. It felt like from the time the bad guy was revealed until his dispatch was a couple of pages. 

This is fast becoming a pet peeve of mine but the title on Goodreads does not indicate this is book 7 in the series. If I didn't follow Ms Driver and receive her newsletter, I would have thought Nightfall was a standalone. If you pull up the paperback version on Amazon, again, no indication it's part of a series but the Kindle version does list Nightfall as part of a series. Barnes & Noble also does not list it as part of a series except in the synopsis. I don't want to research books in a series, I just want to read them!!

The Chase Dagger Series must be read in order or you're going to be completely lost and not invested in the characters or the continuing story line. I eagerly await the next installment. 

Point of interest, Ms Driver also writes the Sam Casey Mystery Series under the name of S.D. Tooley. I love that series too!

Overall, I sincerely enjoyed Nighfall and recommend it to fans of mystery, fantasy or science fiction.