Review: Second Nature (When Seconds Count #2) by D.L. Roan

Second Nature - D.L. Roan

Second Nature took me completely by surprise!!

What I liked: I thought the synopsis sounded very interesting and as it was a free Kindle deal, I thought why not?  Then I realized it was part of a series and you know me, I HAVE to start with the first book. I'm anal that way. Little did I realize that the two books would be so very different. Some of the same characters sure, but the whole premise of the stories are light years apart. 

The characters in Second Nature are strong, resilient and smart. I was in awe of the portrayal of Thalia. She had been through some pretty terrible things in her life but thankfully she didn't have the memory of all of them.  She is determined to obtain her revenge, even if it costs her life and she never veers from that goal no matter what happens around her or to her.

Grant is just completely bad ass. And he appeared in the previous book in this series, Second Chances, which I would have missed if I hadn't gone back and bought it. He's an assassin trying to drop out of all the craziness he was involved in. The first scene with Grant almost had me laughing out loud. Trying to live on a deserted island with only a crazy monkey for company was a brilliant inclusion in character development.

The interaction between Thalia, Grant, and Winston (the monkey) is fabulously written. Well, actually the whole story is a roller coaster ride. This is not your typical romance. Ms Roan's plotting of Second Nature is spot on. There is barely time to take a breath or go to the bathroom. I couldn't put it down. 

The storyline is heartbreaking but I've seen more and more books about human trafficking and realize it's more common than everyday people realize. Imagine all the victims being able to get their revenge!! That would be justice!! I felt like I was actually a part of this story with all the emotion it made me feel. 

What I didn't like: You read it and tell me what you think. I just loved it!!

Highly Recommended!!!!