Review: Cat's Lair (Leopard People #7) by Christine Feehan

Cat's Lair (Leopard series Book 7) - Christine Feehan

I really hate writing this review but I've stuck with the Leopard People series and feel I need to follow-up. I will be writing this review in reverse order from the way I usually review.

What I didn't like: While I know Ms Feehan writes hot and steamy stories, I felt a bit short-changed by Cat's Lair. I felt like I skimmed the majority of this book due to all the sex scenes. The first few I read but after that, nope, didn't need that info to progress the storyline.

The beginning was a bit slow but still kept me entertained enough to continue. There seemed to be a plot and that it was going somewhere. After that...all the sex you could ever want and then some. Cat's Lair came across to me more as a bit of teaching/training the heroine how to become and be a good submissive. Don't get me wrong, I've read all types of books including a complete series in BDSM and Cat's Lair was, to me, "BDSM light" sex wise but the hero is over the top domineering. 

Neither Cat nor Ridley/Eli struck a chord with me. I didn't feel invested in them or the storyline. The plot was so much in the background it almost didn't exist for me. I didn't even hate the bad guy. 

What I liked: This is harder...I enjoyed the secondary characters more than the main characters and it was nice to "visit" with characters from previous books. I actually can't wait for Elijah's story.

I've been hit or miss with this series. Some of the books I've really enjoyed but there have been a few I was just shaking my head. Cat's Lair was a head shaker for me. I do love the way Ms Feehan writes but the book just felt "blah".

Recommended for fans of the Leopard People series and fans of Ms Feehan's writing.