Review: Boundary Crossed (Boundary Magic #1) by Melissa F. Olson

Boundary Crossed (Boundary Magic Book 1) - Melissa F. Olson

Boundary Crossed feels like a good start to a new series!!

What I liked: I know I've said this before but I thought there were only so many ways to write about the supernatural. Ms Olson has found another way to do it and do it up very nicely.

I already read one series, Scarlett Bernard, and thoroughly enjoy it. Now I can add another to my list. The synopsis is accurate on all accounts and Boundary Crossed more than lives up to the teaser. I found myself totally engrossed in the story and the time and pages just flew by.

Lex (aka Allison) Luther, yes there's an explanation for the nickname, is written extremely well. She a complicated character and a veteran with all the issues involved after surviving the war when so many of her fellow soldiers didn't.  She's still learning to deal with everyday life after the military.  By no means is she a shrinking violet and pretty much knows how to take care of herself and now, her niece.

Imagine Lex's surprise when she finds out there are all sorts of supernatural creatures in the world and she's one of them, so to speak. This is where the majority of the other characters come into the story. Lex needs training to learn how to use and control her witch powers and she needs the help of the local vampires to protect her niece, who is a null (no magic works around her at all). Lex works with the local vampire fixer, Quinn, to try and solve who is behind the kidnapping attempts on her niece.

Quinn is a former cop who was turned and surprisingly, he's not the super duper be all vampire enforcer. As a matter of fact, Quinn is pretty low on the totem pole power wise compared to the other vamps. That was different and interesting. He appears to be Lex's love interest in this series.

The worldbuilding was very good and easy to understand. Of course, with a first book, there's still a long way to go in this quarter. The characters are more than believable and not outrageous except for Lex. She's got some pretty serious powers and no one can figure out where they've come from. Lex and her sister, Sam, were adopted so there is that mystery hanging out there.

What I didn't like: The plot was a bit thin but with all the other information being provided, it didn't really detract from the story. I understand with a first book, the author has a heavy load to carry to attract the reader and keep them reading. The plot was secondary to the introduction of the characters and the worldbuilding which worked in this case.

Overall a fascinating page turner that more than grabbed and held my attention.

**As an Amazon Prime member I was able to receive Boundary Crossed a few weeks early.

Highly Recommended for UF readers!!!!