Review: The Last Ballot Cast (Jim McGill #4.1 & #4.2) by Joseph Flynn

The Last Ballot Cast - Joseph Flynn

Thank goodness both these books were available when I started reading this series!!

What I liked: I've more or less been engrossed in this series since book 1, The President's Henchman, and have read them almost one behind the other.

Mr Flynn's political views are not my own but his storylines and characters are so good, when I would ordinarily scoff at some of the political machinations, I didn't. I kept reading because I like the characters Mr. Flynn introduced to me.  The storylines are interesting and the "what if" part of the novels keep me guessing. All those things make an extremely good series for me to get lost in.

The previous book, The K Street Killer, ended on a cliff hanger and boy was I glad I didn't have to wait for The Last Ballot.  While you can imagine what the story is about because of the title, it's more involved and I can understand why it needed two books to conclude the story.

These two novels are action packed and barely left me enough time to breathe. There are storylines following many characters in different situations. It's like a mini drama.

What I didn't like: These books won't be for everyone but they are certainly keeping me wholly engrossed in the characters' lives and the decisions they need to make.

Start at the beginning of this series and give it a chance and you will be hooked!