Dolly's Thoughts on The Unleashing (Call of Crows #1) by Shelly Laurenston

The Unleashing - Shelly Laurenston

And I'm hooked on yet another series. Dang it!!

What I liked: The Unleashing is my first book by Shelly Laurenton. I have, however read her Dragon Kin series, written under G.A. Aiken and await each release impatiently. This series looks to be loosely based on Norse mythology, in which I've always been interested. I love history, what can I say.

In order to become a Crow, the female has to die and Skuld offers them a second chance at life to serve her in battle. Yep, the Crows are good at killing. Kera, the protagonist in this first book, was a Marine and had served in battle in the Middle East, so she should understand killing, right? She's good at following rules and she's very good at organization, much to the dismay of her fellow Crows. They hate clipboards for some reason. (You'll have to read The Unleashing to find out about that remark).

Kera is having a bit of an adjustment problem and there is a face from her past life willing to help her learn the ropes. Vig has been captivated with Kera for a while and is instrumental in having her changed into a Crow. He's a part of the Ravens and they usually work with the Crows, at least in The Unleashing, they do. Since all the Ravens are male and all the Crows are female, it makes for some interesting by play. 

Ms Laurenston also introduces a number of other characters in The Unleashing that you can just imagine getting their own books. Not all are Crows either. As a first in the series, The Unleashing has much world building and character development to do, the author is more than capable of all those tasks while keeping you entertained with Kera and Vig's story. Of course, you can feel there is more to come. The ending leaves everything...plot, characters and bad for more.

What I didn't like: I got nothing for you! I enjoyed the whole book and inhaled each and every word.

Excellent opening to a new series by Ms Laurenston and in case you don't know, she does humor and snarky better than many. Wait until you meet Kera's dog!!

Highly Recommended!!!!!