Review: Memory Man (Amos Decker #1) by David Baldacci

Memory Man - David Baldacci

I found Memory Man to be totally additive but different!

What I liked: You know how you read a book and all the characters are tall, willowy, good looking and fresh. Just about all the characters in Memory Man are just the opposite. Over weight, not too clean, jaded and very tired. That's what I mean by different and it had me hooked from the very beginning.

There was just something about Amos. He's a bit broken and going through the motions of living until a man confesses to killing Amos' wife and daughter. That wakes Amos up and he's not going to stop until he unravels the whole thing!

I'm a fan of Mr. Baldacci but recognize some of his books are better than others. Memory Man, to me is one of the better ones. A little because of the plot but again, it was the characters and what drove them that had my complete attention.There is one outstanding trait Amos has that most heroes don't. Due to an old football injury, he can't forget anything, some of his emotions are stunted and he's tortured by numbers. Sound good, doesn't it? Believe me, I thoroughly enjoyed it! 

Memory Man is a fast read and don't even try to follow all the twists and turns, there are many and some of them came out of left field. I had no idea who did what or why until Mr. Baldacci worked the answers into the story and let the characters tell it to you.

The writing is nice and tight, no plot holes and just an all round good, different kind of story.

What I didn't like: You always know a good book is going to end but this one felt a bit rushed. It worked but that's the only thing I didn't enjoy. I would like to know more about Amos in upcoming books but Memory Man is listed as a standalone. I want more Amos and the title says Amos Decker #1?????

Recommend for all thriller/suspense fans or just fan of Mr. Baldacci!!!!