Review: A Deadly Web (Bishop Files #2) by Kay Hooper

A Deadly Web - Kay Hooper

Well, about suspense, A Deadly Web just left me on pins and needles!!

What I liked: I wasn't sure which direction this series was going in the first book,The First Prophet.  With the addition of A Deadly Web, I'm just more intrigued. There is so much maneuvering going on behind the main story that I felt a bit behind the eight ball. I am, however, used to the way Ms Hooper writes and there is always a method to her madness, so to speak.

We met Brodie in the first book and I was wondering if he was going to be alone through much of the series. When he and the heroine, Tasha, have a definite connection there is still more to come in the story. I really liked both Brodie and Tasha, especially Tasha. She's strong, intelligent and not much surprises her. Brodie on the hand is or was a darker personality with a sad back story. Tasha seems to lighten Brodie's grim thoughts. While this is technically Tasha and Brodie's story, it's much more involved.

Here's a bit more about the premise of the series. Brodie's group or cell is devoted to protecting psychics from being kidnapped. Once taken by "the other side", the psychic is never seen or heard from again. No one knows why the bad guys want the psychics or what they're doing with them.  Noah Bishop from Bishop/Special Crimes Unit and his wife, Miranda are now aware of the kidnappers as a few of the psychics Bishop has tried to help in the past have come up missing.

Then there are the characters of Murphy (she seems to be the leader of Brodie's cell) and Duran, the bad guy in charge of snatching the psychics. I can't tell you too much about either character without spoilers, so let me just say they are both very mysterious and conniving.  

What I didn't like: I read this book practically in one sitting. I just lost track of time, so imagine my surprise when I came to the end and I didn't feel like I had a resolution of the main characters. Again, I am used to this situation as I read many books by Ms Hooper but some readers may not like the ending. Just a caution. 

Overall, A Deadly Web moves the series along but in what direction I'm still not exactly sure. Those questions leave me on tender hooks waiting for the next book!