Review: Dark Heir (Jane Yellowrock #9) by Faith Hunter

Dark Heir - Faith Hunter

With each addition to the Jane Yellowrock series, Ms Hunter gets better and better. Absolutely one of my favorites series and worlds!! (I've included a couple of quotes and I tried to do it carefully so they wouldn't contain any spoilers).

What I liked: I guess you can tell by my opening how much I adore this series. I can pick up any book by Ms Hunter in this series and get completely lost for a day or two. I'm constantly amazed by the characters, the world building and the ever political plotting of the Vampires. I have no clue where this series is going and you know what, I don't care. I'll just ride along with Jane and Beast.

One thing I think added to my love of this series is the addition of the Younger brothers in Jane's life.  Not only as partners in her business, but friends, close friends, family even. Both Eli and Alex are absolutely devoted to Jane and she to them. I can't even imagine her life without them in it. They all completely understand each other and are able to communicate only in the ways of close friends and family. There for a while I was wondering if Eli would be another love interest for Jane. Ms Hunter did not take the easy route open to her in the storyline. Instead she built a core for Jane to draw strength and some laughter in her otherwise chaotic life. Alex (computer nerd extraordinaire) cracks me up. Here's Alex's response when Jane asks him if he can handle a house guest while she and Eli are gone....

"Alex lifed a shoulder. 'When I hear her coming, I'll throw the cat at her. If that doesn't work, look for a warty frog hopping on the keyboards when you get back. Find me a princess to kiss me. I want tongue'..."

When you start a Jane Yellowrock book, take a deep breath and don't forget to breathe. Yep, it's packed with action, a bit of sexy time for some of the characters, humor and the politics. And then there's Beast. She's such a special character. Strong, cunning, wants "mate" and she gets Jane into and out of some of the worse and funniest situations. I love her humor. For example here are her thoughts while hunting fish...

"Lay belly down in cool mud and put paw on catfish, holding fish in mud. Bit off fish head and chewed. Fish stopped fighting. Was dead. Was good cat-fish. Was good fish-meat. Ate and ate. Beast lay on side in cool mud and snorted with laughter. Would change here. Would let Jane wake in muddy place, stinking of dead fish. Snorted with laughter again........(Jane's thoughts upon changing)...I don't freaking believe it. Mud? Beast, you are dead meat!'..."

Now you might think I've not really talked about the plot/story in Dead Heir. You're right and there's a reason for that. It's very hard to talk about without spoilers. So let me whet your appetite.  There are some big revelations in Dark Heir and one directly affects Jane! She also learns so much more about Vampire history, probably more than she wants to know.

What I didn't like: Okay, this is a huge mark against Ms Hunter. Her books make me lose sleep and sometimes even interrupt my daily nap. Yeah, I have to nap because I stay up way too late reading and my internal alarm clock wakes me at 4 a.m. every morning. If I'm to make it through the day, I NEED that nap but If I didn't finish the book, I use my nap time to read!! It's horrible. It takes me two or three days to get back in my routine!! 

If you've not started this series yet, what are you waiting for?? I shouldn't be the only one completely addicted! Please join me.

Highest of Recommendations!!!!!