Review: Incriminating Evidence (Evidence #4) by Rachel Grant

Incriminating Evidence (Evidence Series Book 4) - Rachel Grant

Right behind Linda Howard, Rachel Grant is becoming my go to author for Romantic Suspense!!

What I liked: The action begins with the very first page. The synopsis gives a good idea about the storyline but it can't describe the tension between Isabel and Alec. Not only sexual tension but they dance around each other so much, you can also feel the distrust. I appreciated the way Ms Grant portrayed Isabel and Alec. She acknowledges the attraction but these two are far from ready to abandon their preconceived thoughts about the other. Right when you think they are on the same page, something happens to push them apart.....tension!

There are several mysteries surrounding not only the death of Isabel's brother but the abduction of Alex. No one knows who to trust which made for excellent reading. The storyline is well developed and believable especially with all the technology available today. The setting in Alaska was also something I enjoyed. I do wish there had been more time spent on the area and it's full time inhabitants but that's a minor want for me.

The secondary characters, who are all under suspicion of being "the bad guy", were pretty well developed and utilized to further the storyline.  I did figure out one part of the bad guy mystery but still Ms Grant was able to baffle me until the very end. That is key in a suspense book for me and she handled it extremely well with several surprised. 

The whole idea of Raptor kept me intrigued. It is a plausible scenario in today's world and I like how Ms Grant hooked it into a Blackwater type of business. It made me wonder if there really are compounds like Raptor all over the U. S. 

What I didn't like: You can probably tell I enjoyed Incriminating Evidence very much but in most cases of romantic suspense, I usually enjoy less sex and more turmoil. 

Overall, Incriminating Evidence was an entertaining, suspenseful read and I would highly recommend any of Ms Grant's work. It can be read as a stand alone novel but why miss the enjoyment of meeting the characters from previous works.

Highly Recommended!!!!