My Thoughts on Dead Heat (Alpha & Omega #4) by Patricia Briggs

Dead Heat  - Patricia Briggs

Love seeing Charles and Anna in a new light, especially Charles!

What I liked: I recently re-read/listened to the previous books in this series so I would be ready for Dead Heat. It really made a difference.

It's very easy in some instances to just see Charles in the light of the Pack Enforcer. You know he's different with Anna but much of his job spills over into their relationship. It could make for a rocky marriage except Anna is an extraordinary character. At first you might think she's not strong enough for Charles but Ms Briggs very quickly disabuses you of that idea. While Anna has her own demons to deal with, she is smart, savvy about people and strong beyond belief.

Dead Heat highlights the best of Charles and Anna''s characters but further shows how dedicated they are to each other. No, it's not all puppy dogs and flowers either. There are some major decisions under consideration for Charles and Anna and in addition, Charles is faced with losing a very old friend. 

I initially started Dead Heat about 9 pm and thought I'd just get the beginning over but 2 hours later I was still reading, trying desperately to keep my eyes open!! It grabbed me and never let me go.  I hope we'll learn a bit more about the characters in this book in future stories.

What I didn't like: Umm, ummm, I can't honestly think of anything I had any problems with or that struck a bad chord.

I love how Ms Briggs is developing the main characters of Anna and Charles. There is a real depth to these two and we've not even scratched the surface, in my opinion. She write the Mercy Thompson series, which I also enjoy, but while both series are set in the same world, their story lines and characters couldn't be more different. It very refreshing not to keep reading the same thing over and over.

Highly Recommend but again, start at the beginning!!!!