Review: Vision in Silver (The Others #3) by Anne Bishop

Vision in Silver - Anne Bishop

Gripping, action packed and addictive are a very few of the adjectives I think of when trying to describe Vision in Silver!!

I have a very hard time writing a review when I absolutely love a book. I know I will leave things out I want to say and then kick myself later after reading other reviews. I have a hard and fast rule when it comes to a favorite series or author, I DO NOT read any other reviews before I write and post my own. Why? I'm so afraid, I will inadvertently include the same theme of the other review. If you've been a regular visitor to Just Talking Books, you know my reviews are usually pretty short. I don't hash out the synopsis or give a play by play but try to focus on the story development and the author's writing. But some books deserve more just because....

What I liked: If you asked me over a year ago if Anne Bishop was an author I read, I would have said, "Who?" Now she is one of the first authors I recommend to my friends and other readers. This series is something very special, and not just to me but to most of my blogger friends. 

The world building is some of the best I've ever read. The characters are indescribable. The "good guys" are not all good but the "bad guys" are extremely bad. Imagine a world where "The Others" are the dominant species and the humans are "meat" or in some cases, not meat. The humans have an over abundance of self importance and The Others pull no punches when dealing with the discrimination the humans have a tendency to foster.

We've been introduced to multitudes of Others but guess what, there are more...the ones no one sees until it's too late for the humans to try and appease them. When the humans break the trust and contracts previously signed and agreed to, these Others are the ones to take the humans to task. The humans will just disappear....forever. 

Simon Wolfgard is the forward thinking leader of the Lakeside Courtyard and has formed a relationship with Meg Corbyn, a Blood Prophet. (Blood Prophets are "not meat") They are the sweet bloods and are protected by The Others. You notice I said protected by The Others and not humans. Humans have owned the Blood Prophets and used them for money making and other things I can't mention without spoiling a storyline. 

The characters in this series have fascinated me from the very beginning and with each new book, we learn more and more about each one. The main characters are Simon Wolfgard and Meg Corbyn. They are very good friends bordering on a different relationship that Ms Bishop is still developing. Simon has no experience dealing with humans intimately and has never made the effort to try to understand them. Meg has changed all that. "The Meg" belongs to the Courtyard and is protected and loved by all. Meg, being a Blood Prophet, has never had personal dealings with anyone. In most ways she is very innocent and childlike, although she is 24 years old.  

Meg is now trying to help the other Blood Prophets by writing a guide to help them adjust to as normal a life as they can have. Even Meg has trouble in some instances when she is overwhelmed by too much info, too fast. In order to share a prophecy, the Prophet must bleed. Either by a controlled cut or even a paper cut, the prophecy will be spoken. The trick is to learn when a cut is actually needed versus the Prophet's addiction to cutting. 

See how long this review is already....many probably stopped reading it by now. Let me say this, if you like Urban Fantasy, YOU NEED TO READ THIS SERIES!!

Highest of recommendations!!!!!