Review: Cast in Flame (Chronicles of Elantra #10) by Michelle Sagara

Cast in Flame - Michelle Sagara, Michelle Sagara West, Khristine Hvam

I tried desperately to drag reading Cast In Flame out but alas, Ms Sagara draws me in every time.

What I liked:  I can't believe this is book 10 in the series.  Usually by now, I would have become bored or wishy washy about a series.  Not with this author writing this series!! I really like that I don't have to include "what I didn't like" about Cast in Flame!

I absolutely love the characters.  While Kaylin is the main character, each and every character is being developed along with each book.  After the last two books, I was wondering how it would play into the storyline.  Ms Sagara blends it in seamlessly.  Everything makes sense when you're reading it.  The imagination and plotting in this series just floor me.  I totally buy into the whole concept.  That's saying a lot from me. All the different Castes are playing a bigger role and we learn more and more about them.  I've fallen in love with Bellusdeo, the only female dragon.  We're given more of an understanding of her character and her thoughts and feelings.  I'm still trying to figure out Hope (you have to read the series to find out who/what Hope is)

And there is humor along with every other emotion already included.  Who could ask for a more complete book.  Kaylin and Bellusdeo's quest to find an apartment had me in giggles.  Poor Kaylin!  

There are so many surprises, big and small woven into Cast In Flame.  To think at one point I almost gave up on this series.  What, you say.  Yep, I knew I liked the series but with almost a year between novels, I kept losing all the different threads of the stories.  What changed my mind, you ask?  Well, it was the audio book of Cast in Ruin narrated by Khristine Hvam (she is now one of my all time favorite narrators).  Cast in Ruin was my very first audio book.  I sure picked the right time and book to try an audio book.  I knew I was losing my connection with the characters and needed a jump start, Ms Hvam's narration got me right back into the thick of the series and the characters.

This is probably one of the most complex series I read.  You HAVE to think while you read.  Ms Sagara does not hand feed you the story.  There is so much symbolism involved and the world is extremely complicated.  I couldn't read too many series like The Elantran Chronicles at one time.  I call this series my guilty pleasure.  

And the ending.  Oh my gosh.  A character I never thought we'd actually "see".  After I picked my jaw up, I was in Heaven because Ms Sagara actually went there.  I thought the character would never be introduced in the flesh!

Highest Recommendation!! (Must be read in order)