Review: The Pucelle Connection (Book 6) (Genevieve Lenard) by Estelle Ryan

The Pucelle Connection (Book 6) (Genevieve Lenard) - Estelle Ryan

What a wild ride!! I wanted to read The Pucelle Connection in one sitting but my eyes did not cooperate!!

What I liked: This series has completely captured my attention.  It's unique, well written and from I can see, extremely well researched.  The characters grow a bit with each addition to the series and not always in a good way, which would just be boring.

Doctor Genevieve (Jenny, to a select few) Lenard is one of the most intriguing lead characters I've ever been introduced to.  She's special in so many ways but calls herself as non-neurotypical and regular people neurotypical.  What she is technically is autistic.  She can function but there are some things that will set off a "zoning out" phase.  She's also evolving since the core cast of characters entered her life.  I don't know if this happens in real life with autistic people but it sure is a great way to develop Jenny's character.

By no means is she ever going to be considered "normal" by society but the cast around her, know and love her as she is.  It can and does cause some problems with the relationships but they are worked out in a logical way and not as a fairy tale type of resolution.

It's also great to see her in love with Colin and caring for her inner circle.  Most of the time, Jenny isn't sure of why she feels as she does, but accepts that her life is changing and she is no longer wrapped in a cocoon of isolation.  Caring for her friends does cause her some problems though as she just wants everyone well and safe.  

Another benefit to this series is I'm learning more and more about Art. I always thought it was above my head and I could just appreciate what I see.  I'm learning about different artists and their specialties and why most of them are so highly regarded in the Art world.

What I didn't like:  The only thing that got on my nerves a bit was the over use of the word "neurotypical" to explain the "normal" characters versus Jenny being autistic.  

If you're looking for something different in the suspense/mystery/romance arena, you should definitely give this series a try.  You need to start at the beginning to truly appreciate how this Ms Ryan has not only moved the series forward but developed the characters!!

Highly Recommend!!!!