Review: Hush by Karen Robards

Hush - Karen Robards

I thoroughly enjoyed Hush.  Ms Robards kept me guessing through most of the book!!

What I liked:  To be honest, I've had hit or miss luck with Ms Robard's books. Some I love and re-read many times and some I get bored with and have to stop.  That's not to say she not an excellent writer.  A lot of what I read depends on my mood and sometimes I have the patience to stick it out and be entertained and sometimes, I just put the book away for awhile and come back to it. 

Hush captured me from the very beginning and I flew through the book.  The subject matter with all that is going on in the world today was very relevant and had me on the edge of my seat.  The characters seemed real and made mistakes that made them even more human. I wasn't sure about some of the bad guys (believe me, there are plenty to go around) and some I pegged weren't exactly what I thought.

I especially liked Riley's character. She may not make the best decisions but she's right not to trust anyone! I guess I would describe her as "plucky". She doesn't give up and thinks on her feet. She's street smart about life and doesn't take anything laying down.

What I didn't like: The biggest point to me was continually wondering why our government was so interested in recovering the money. I initially couldn't buy into why so many organizations were involved.  There is an explanation given but it's towards the end. I wouldn't have been so distracted by the question if it had been revealed earlier in the book.

Overall, Hush is one of the better books by Ms Robards.  Not sure if I would re-read this one but it keep me very occupied and curious!!