Review: Priceless by Shannon Mayer

Priceless - Shannon Mayer

This book took me totally by surprise!! Now I'm addicted.

What I liked: Here's my story, I receive lots of email with book deals and I usually check a few out. I had gotten a deal on three books in this series but bought this one.  They've been hanging in my TBR pile for a while. Like many bloggers this year, I'm trying to clear my TBR pile down. So I took a chance and started reading Priceless.

I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN.  Not only that but I immediately started the next book in the series, Immune. I've never read anything by Ms Mayer before and just fell into the world she created. I'd been getting an Urban Fantasy overdose but this book cured me for a while. 

I love the characters whether they be good or bad, or funny.  Alex (werewolf) makes what could be a depressing read into many laugh out loud moments. This is the first book of at least 9 books, so with a couple of novellas in there too. I'm trying not to burn myself out on UF again but I just keep reading one book after the other. (I'm currently on book 4).

Ms Mayer's world is different and unique and her characters are still growing and learning. Rylee, while immune to magic, is still basically human. She has skills but again, is still learning. She's tough, sarcastic with a gooey center for the misfits and lonely species around her. Then of course, there's this FBI agent who is convinced Rylee killed her little sister.  Yeah, he's hot but Rylee doesn't really notice, for a while. O'Shea has his own reasons for obsessing over Rylee and not all of them are reasonable.

Add in a mixture of other characters whose motives you, as the reader, aren't sure of and there you have it, a book to get lost in!!

What I didn't like: I'm writing this review 3 days after reading Priceless and I really have nothing negative to say. There are a lot of characters but I found them easy to keep track of, at least so far. Ms Mayer comes up with a great tool in the next book (which I will be reviewing soon) to track the characters.

Overall, an engrossing read and I highly recommend Priceless to Urban Fantasy fans!!!!